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Paper pipette operation preparation

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Nowadays, as a kind of paper tube machine, the paper pipe suction machine is more and more widely used in the market. Here I mainly explain to you some preparation work that this product needs to do after it is ready for use. Ensure the safety and stability of the equipment in use.

1. Prepare the tape

First, the raw paper that needs to be processed is cut into tapes of various widths, and then the tapes of various widths are placed on the paper feeding frame, so that the tape can pass through during the subsequent operation of the device. The paper tray is exported above and wound onto the fixed mandrel through a waxing roller.

2. Apply lubricant to the bottom paper

Subsequent bottom tape will rotate with the fixed mandrel in the direction of the outer circular cutting head. Because the fixed mandrel is in a static state throughout the process, we can reduce the friction between the tape and its rotation. Apply the appropriate lubricant to the bottom tape.

Of course, there are certain restrictions on the choice of lubricating oil. Generally, some liquid paraffin, fine vegetable oil and silicone oil will be used. If some unsuitable lubricating oil is used incorrectly, the equipment may not be maintained during operation. Normal operation, so it is very important in the choice of lubricants. Moreover, in the process of smearing, it is necessary to keep a proper amount of attention, or otherwise apply too much lubricating oil, but there will be some phenomenon of very velvet slippage, which has many adverse factors affecting production. On the contrary, if the application is too small, the reduction in friction is very limited, and there is a clear difference from what we originally intended to achieve.

Therefore, the use of suitable lubricants, as well as the appropriate amount of lubricant, is an important factor in the production of high quality products by paper pipettes.

3. Subsequent binder of the paper tape

Of course, in addition to the initial layer of paper tape required to apply lubricants, some of the subsequent paper tapes need to use some adhesives. In this regard, we need to prepare before running the equipment, generally adopt some quick-drying Chemical pastes are used as binders in the operation of equipment. Today, acetic acid polyethylene is often used as a binder for equipment.

4. Electrical connection

After some external props are ready, we can connect the paper pipette to the electrical appliance. First, after the three-phase power supply is connected, the equipment can be tested without a load, and then the direction of rotation of the motor of the device can be judged. Be sure to keep it in the correct direction of rotation. After the idling is over, we can adjust the potentiometer on the controller to start the machine's head.

5. Access to the compressed air line

Because the paper pipe suction machine generally uses compressed air to cut the pipe, the internal air is basically equipped with all the air pipes. We only need to connect the air source to the air intake pipe. Then, by adjusting the required air pressure, the paper pipette can be operated normally.

The above is some preparation work before the paper pipetting machine is operated. All of them are provided by the high mechanical finishing. I hope that when you use this product in the future, you can also prepare correctly, so as to ensure the follow-up operation of the product. Stability and reliability.