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Pipette troubleshooting

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1. The spiral inside the paper straw produced is very uneven

The occurrence of such a situation is mainly caused by the following major aspects. For example, during the operation of the cutting blade inside the pipette device, the resistance to the paper tube is too large. At this time, we only need to correspondingly apply the blade. Adjust and adjust the resistance appropriately.

Of course, it may also be because the first layer of paper tape is applied with less lubricant, or the application of the lubricant is very uneven, and we need to re-lubricate the first layer of paper tape. The application ensures that the application is uniform, so in general, when we apply the lubricant to the tape for the first time, we should make a proper selection of the amount of lubricant and apply it evenly, so that the subsequent products It will be relatively convenient in the production process.

2. The unevenness of the surface of the paper tube produced

This situation is mostly caused by the asymmetry of the winding angle of the two belts inside the straw machine equipment, which leads to the situation that the belt unidirectionally presses the paper tube during the operation of the equipment, resulting in the subsequent production of the paper. The surface of the straw is very uneven. We only need to adjust the inner belt winding angle by handwheel.

3. The uneven distribution of the binder on the paper tube

If the internal scraper does not form a right angle with the paper strip or if there are some magazines on the scraper, it will actually cause uneven adhesion of the adhesive on the paper tube. Therefore, after the operation of our team equipment, we need to clean the interior, remove the magazine including the scraper and some other parts, let the equipment enter the corresponding operation, and then, if there is some When the adhesive is unevenly applied, we can properly adjust the angle between the blade and the tape, and the angle of the blade edge to keep it at a right angle, so that the device can effectively produce stable paper straw production. .

4. Cutting the paper tube for too long or too short

Generally, in the process of producing a paper straw, the time for cutting the paper tube is kept at a fixed value, so the cutting time is too long or too short, which indicates that some problems may occur in the device. At the time we need to adjust the equipment accordingly, adjust the cut-off time to keep it in the paper tube for one week.

The above is some troubleshooting methods provided by the tall mechanical finishing about the pipette during the operation. I hope that you can have some help when you operate the pipette machine in the future. Of course, if you have this device on the pipette machine, If you have more content you want to know, please visit the website of Gaoda Machinery to check the information. I believe it will help you.

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