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Pipette features

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1. Data preservation

    Pipette This equipment will automatically save some data parameters during the operation. Therefore, some paper straws produced in the past have backup data. When the paper straws are re-produced, they can directly compare some data. Calling parameters is very simple and convenient in terms of production.

    Second, easy to operate

    The design principle of the pipette adopts the ergonomic design, which is made by lateral feeding and double-sided gluing, which is very convenient for the operator to use the pipette machine for product production.

    Free adjustment

    We can adjust the equipment according to the specifications of the paper straws that need to be produced. From some equipment angles, we can swing freely according to the requirements.

    Four. Positioning function

   Pipette This equipment adopts two aspects of photoelectric and coding for positioning. It is very reliable in positioning. During the operation of the equipment, it will be adjusted according to the positioning conditions, so that the equipment can be cut more convenient in the production of products. There will be obstacles to the situation.

    Five. Protection function

    During the operation of the pipette, as long as the sensing area detects the operator's hand or some other items, an automatic emergency stop operation is performed and an alarm signal is issued to ensure personal safety and property safety.

    Corrective function

    The pipette machine can produce accurate paper straws under high-efficiency cutting in the production of products. The main reason is that this product has an automatic correction function to ensure the production of standard specifications at any speed.

    Seven. Self-test function

    The pipette is a very precise production equipment. During the production process of the paper pipette, the whole equipment will be self-tested. If there is a malfunction inside the equipment or there are some abnormal conditions, the equipment will automatically stop running first. And the fault information is recorded while the alarm signal is issued, so that the fault can be eliminated later, and the parameter data is encountered when the fault is encountered.

    Eight. Initialization function

    When we use the device of the pipette machine, if some wrong operation occurs and some data of the device is modified, the initialization function of the device itself can be used to adjust the device to restore the original factory time. Initial state.

    Nine. Comprehensive application

    The straw machine has been developed for a long time, and the internal transmission system is designed using a transmission. This equipment can now meet the production of various types of paper straws on the market.