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Paper straw mechanical use precautions

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1. Precautions before starting

 1. Cleaning: Before carrying out the mechanical operation of the paper pipette, we need to carry out the unpacking inspection inside the equipment, and remove some internal rust inhibitors, dust accumulated during storage, and some residual impurities after processing. Make sure that the inside is kept in a clean and tidy state, and that it can be stabilized in the subsequent operation.

 2. Lubrication: First of all, we must be clear that the lubrication operation must be carried out after the cleaning operation. Only by ensuring that the inside of the paper suction pipe is in a clean and tidy state, we can carry out the lubrication operation. And the oil we use to lubricate must be tested and fully qualified to be used. After filtering the lubricating oil, it can be added to the oil mark inside the equipment.

 3. Inspection: Before any paper suction pipe machine is put into use, it is necessary to carry out all-round inspection of the internal parts of the machine. If some parts are damaged or cracked, they need to be replaced in time to ensure The stability of the machine during subsequent operations.

 2. Precautions during operation

 1. When we use the paper pipette machine to cut the articles, we must always adjust the internal tools and keep them in a stable state. After the articles are clamped, normal paper tube production can be carried out.

 2. During the operation of the paper pipette machine, it is very dangerous to remember not to touch any part of the body with the rotating parts of the machine.

 3. During the operation of the paper pipette machine, we can appropriately reduce the running speed of the machine, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the equipment during operation, and greatly avoid some mechanical losses.

 4. The paper suction pipe mechanical key has a fault during the operation. It is necessary to stop the equipment immediately. Remember not to keep the equipment running, which is very likely to cause damage to the equipment. Do not perform maintenance on the equipment in the event of a power connection. This may not only pose a danger to the human body due to the internal transmission components of the equipment, but may also present an electric shock hazard. Therefore, the first thing is to stop the equipment, turn off the power, and find a professional who has a certain understanding of the equipment for maintenance, so as to ensure the safety in maintenance.