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How to increase the service life of the pipette

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I. Use check

   Before operating the device of the pipette machine, it is necessary to carry out detailed inspection of each component of the device, including whether the switch is in good condition, whether the circuit is in insulation, whether the fastener such as the screw is in a tight state, and the protection device Whether it is installed correctly or not, it is necessary to consider and check, and only after all the confirmations are normal can the device be subsequently operated.

   Second, the correct use

   Pipette machine This equipment must be responsible for the special operator, that is, a pipette machine is generally operated only by a fixed employee, can not be moved freely, during the operation, it is strictly prohibited to stretch Inside the device, a very dangerous situation can occur. In addition, if some faults occur during the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to stop the equipment in time, and it is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with faults.

   3. Cleaning operation

   After each operation of the pipette, it is necessary for the operator to clean the impurities inside the device and the surrounding environment. Of course, this is not enough. In addition to these, each time you re-use a pipette device, you need to unpack the device, remove some residual iron filings and some rust inhibitors, and accumulate in the storage process. The dust is cleaned and all the cleaning is completed before the next operation can be performed.

   4. Lubrication operation

   Every day after the operator finishes the operation of the pipette, after cleaning the inside, the equipment can be lubricated and refueled to make the interior of the device smooth. Of course, the use of lubricating oil has certain standards and must be passed. After the test, it is confirmed that the lubricating oil that meets the requirements can be added to the equipment. The lubricating oil is filtered and then added to the oil mark orientation to ensure that the subsequent pipette equipment is very easy to use.

   The above is the four methods of extending the service life of the pipette equipment. As long as these four work are done, it can ensure the stability of the equipment during the operation and the long service life.